Science and R&D

With 25-plus degreed chemists and PhDs on our technology development team, Accella leads the industry in custom-designed formulations and quick turnaround.

Accella Science helps companies to grow and thrive through the magic of polyurethane technology innovation.

Polyurethane systems are bedrock elements of building and construction materials, sports and recreational surfacing, Off-the-Road (OTR) heavy equipment transportation, industrial applications, architectural design, filters and filtration systems, and so much more. These technologies figuratively and literally help these many industries to “take shape” and provide the substance and materials that keep our global economy moving forward. Accella’s science and R&D experts have the technical expertise, application knowledge, and acumen in advanced chemistry principles to help the myriad industries that we serve remain at the cusp of product evolution, innovation and competitive advantage. Under their guidance and direction, Accella continues to be a world-class polyurethane resource – committed to advancing and improving technology, product development and customer profitability on an unprecedented level within our marketplace.

Accella’s “this can be done” philosophy sets us apart in the industry.

Our Science and Technology Team

Robert Cunningham

Vice President, Tech and Innovation
Accella Performance Materials
45 years in the industry

John Lockard

Vice President, Technology
Accella Polyurethane Systems
47 years in the industry

Roeland Tuinman, PhD.

Technical Director, CASE and Accella Tire Fill Systems

Todd Volz

Technical Director
Accella Spray Foam Systems
21 years in the industry

Dubravko Primer

Technical Director
Accella Polyurethane Systems
29 years in the industry

Alexander Shashkov

Senior Chemist
Accella Tire Fill Systems
37 years in the industry

Mike Frye

Quality Control Manager
Accella Tire Fill Systems
31 years in the industry

Nichole Vogt

Quality Control Technician

6 years in the industry

Leah Davis

R&D Chemist

1 year in the industry

Hany Botros

Quality Control Chemist

14 years in the industry

Carlos Guiterrez

Quality Control Technician

10 Years in the industry

Maurice Minor

Quality Control Manager

40 years in the industry

Jian Zhang

Development Chemist

28 years in the Industry

Eric Janssen

Quality Control Chemist

10 Years in the industry

Gonzalo Pacheco

QC Technician

3 years in the industry

Adam Torok

Laboratory Supervisor

8 years in the industry

Aaron Montane

Quality Control Technician

5 Years in the industry

Garrett Morris

QC Technician

3 years in the industry

Tanja Rohde

Laboratory Manager

18 years in the industry

Nikola Bilic

QC Technician

8 years in the industry

Deshaun Lyle

QA Technician

4 years in the industry

Theo White

QC Technician

15 years in the industry

Gary Cooper


37 years in the industry

DiAnne Pham

QA Supervisor

16 years in the industry

Mitch Goldman

QC Chemist

3 years in the industry

We are proudly committed to developing the integrated products and solutions to drive measurable value—and unparalleled marketplace advantage—to meet our customers’ toughest challenges.

Andy Harris | CEO and President, Accella Performance Materials

“Accella makes high quality products and their lot-to-lot consistency is outstanding. The company is exceedingly professional and shows a genuine concern for the customer. They are always at the top of my list when RAW Material Suppliers customer applications present themselves.”

Steve Levine | RAW Material Suppliers