Polyurethane & Recycled Rubber Solutions

Specializing in colored EPDM granules, rolled rubber, rubber matting and rubber tiles, Accella is a leading developer of sustainable, reusable rubber material.

Ultimate RB™, an AccellaTM brand, polyurethane and recycled rubber solutions deliver a vast array of surfaces, while observing an ongoing commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Rubber Recycling


Accella Performance MaterialsTM is one of the largest and most technically advanced tire recyclers in the world. Ultimate RB™ rubber surfaces for playgrounds, athletic facilities and more, are high quality and eco-friendly. We are committed to carbon footprint reduction by reusing and repurposing existing rubber crumb for a healthier environment.

Rubber Surfaces

Ultimate RB™ polyurethane and recycled rubber solutions offer a myriad of versatile, high performance surfacing products for applications from matting to athletic surfaces. All products are made from 100% recycled rubber and/or colored EPDM granules with a specially engineered polyurethane binder. Our unique manufacturing processes allow for sizing, color, and shape customization that no competitor can offer.

Accella Performance MaterialsTM – A Leader in Recycled Rubber Technology

Accella is the world leader in recycled rubber technology and product innovation. Our company is uniquely positioned to offer consistent quality and value to customers in a wide range of industries and service sectors. AccellaTM is proud to lead the way when it comes to reducing mankind’s environmental footprint by effectively delivering environmentally friendly and sustainable initiatives that convert waste material into usable technology. AccellaTM is the only integrated manufacturer in the world to produce its own tire crumb, colored EPDM granules, and urethane binders for our Ultimate RB™ polyurethane and rubber solutions. AccellaTM uses up to 96 percent post-consumer waste, while still offering one of the most comprehensive series of commercial rubber flooring and matting products available anywhere on the market today.

Ultimate RB™ polyurethane and rubber solutions are developed for applications in the equine, canine & pets, athletic, and commercial spaces, including products such as equine mats, playground mats and track, cargo and truck mats, acoustical underlayment, ballistic tiles and other custom rubber products.